Care by Volvo. 
Volvo is pushing the boundaries of automotive ownership. Rather than paying a down payment and negotiating a price, Volvo has set out to develop the all-new way of subscribing to Volvo's newest models, custom-built by you. With a flat monthly rate and no surprises, each subscription includes Liberty Mutual insurance coverage at no extra cost as well as maintenance and excess wear coverage and 15,000 mile allowance per year. This is the next step in automotive ownership.

Available now.
The new 2018 XC40 and S60 are the first models to utilize the Care by Volvo service. From the latest in safety features to the bold interior and exterior, the 2018 XC40 boasts several facets that make it one of Volvo's greatest SUVs yet, while the S60 provides drivers with a state-of-the-art sedan, designed with the latest in vehicle technology. Visit the Sill-TerHar Volvo dealership to get a hands-on look at the Volvo XC40 and S60.
The process.
Whether on the Care by Volvo app or online site, subscribing takes only minutes in three easy steps:
  1. Design your Vehicle. Choose from the available trims, and select the vivid colors and distinctive interior
    styling options that fit you.

  2. Confirm your details. Verify your selection and monthly payment, and reserve your order with a security deposit that will be applied to your first monthly payment.

  3. Schedule your delivery. Your Volvo Concierge will help you every step of the way, and will contact you to schedule your delivery to Sill-TerHar Motors.
Insurance at no extra cost.
Along with a new Volvo car, Volvo has partnered with Liberty Mutual insurance to bring you premium insurance at no extra cost. Being the fifth largest auto and home insurer in the US, Liberty Mutual prides itself with dependable and dedicated service. If you have any questions regarding the coverage by Liberty Mutual, send an email directly to or contact Sill-TerHar Motors for more information.

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