The future of luxury driving looks brighter now that the 2022 Volvo S60 is ready for a road near you. This elegant sedan breeds excitement and exudes confidence wherever it goes. Experience this amazing ride yourself when you shop at Sill-TerHar Volvo Cars. Located a short distance from the Denver Boulder Turnpike and US 287, our dealership is here to help you achieve your dreams.

The 2022 Volvo S60 Comes with a Mild Hybrid Engine

This impressive new powertrain represents the pinnacle of Volvo engineering. We're proud to bring this vision to life, as our mild-hybrid engines produce an exceptional, smooth, and longer-lasting ride that you deserve. When you head towards Mile High Stadium in Denver to watch our Broncos play, you'll enjoy the great drive that this vehicle provides.

Our mild-hybrid engine employs an electric battery to assist the combustion engine. Additionally, it improves fuel performance by using active braking to recover energy. Offering a drive with instantaneous acceleration, you'll achieve the ride of a lifetime inside the 2022 Volvo S60.

The 2022 Volvo S60 Offers Glorious Safety Features

Part of the enjoyment associated with a great drive is getting to where you're headed safely. Let's be honest. It's difficult to enjoy your Arvada excursion when you're constantly worried about your safety. Fortunately, the 2022 S60 offers great safety features that you will love and which will grant you the confidence you need to face any challenge coming your way.

Our 2022 Volvo S60 offers a host of driver assistance features that will help keep your focus on the road or help mitigate collisions. For example, our cross-traffic alert with auto brake helps you avoid collisions while reversing at low speeds. When this intelligent system detects oncoming vehicles crossing behind you, it will alert you to their presence, and if needed, it will apply the auto brake. Additional safety features, including our blind spot information system (BLIS®), provides active assistance to help you safely navigate the dangers and surprises inherent on the roads.

The 2022 Volvo S60 Provides Exceptional Technology

When you plan your next Boulder road trip in the 2022 S60, you can bet on it being a fun ride. Built with leading technology to elevate your driving experience on every mile, the S60 is a joy to own. Slide behind the wheel of this vehicle, and you'll open up a world of excitement while creating fond memories with those you love.

The details are what make this vehicle stand apart from the crowd. With innovative features, such as our advanced air cleaner, our high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers, smartphone integration, and our convenient head-up display, every moment inside the S60 is a dream come true. Experience the excellence firsthand when you choose the 2022 Volvo S60 from Sill-TerHar Volvo Cars.

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We kindly invite you to visit us online or call our dealership and allow one of our dedicated and outstanding team members to assist you. We're here to help you enjoy the driving experience that you deserve. When you're ready for a drive that is unlike any other, and one that offers the elegance, comfort, and excitement that you desire, choose the 2022 Volvo S60 from Sill-TerHar Volvo Cars.

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